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The configuration / function of the supreme Prince of the supreme Prince

The features of the electric motorcycle product for the source of the supreme Prince:

1, the appearance of bold and unconstrained atmosphere shows great respect.

2, continued mileage long term: the longest distance of a recharging line up to 260 miles, intercity round-trip is not a dream.

3, speed: fast speeds up to 65 miles per hour, and instantly reach either city; zouqingfangyou or do business, or pull goods out is very convenient.

4, the frame is strengthened with steel plate, and it is more durable and durable. The battery is placed on the chassis of the frame to reduce the center of gravity of the vehicle body and ride more smoothly.

5, according to the ergonomics design of Taizi's classic direction and widened seat cushion, then equipped with 100/90-16 vacuum tire, tire and ground contact wider, more flexible operation, more stable driving, riding more comfortable.

6, the wide footboard designed by the Chao Yuan Zhi Zhi Zi electric motorcycle makes the driver's feet more comfortable, legs and feet can be arbitrarily retractable, and placed freely, comfortably and comfortably on the feet. That is the case. If necessary, placing large items is naturally more convenient. The deluxe rear shelf plus the broad rear pedal is not only convenient and comfortable to place the foot, but also is more luxurious and comfortable.

7, in the design of the built-in toolbox source the prince makes storage easy, poncho, gloves, sunglasses, etc. can be placed inside the bag in the post, no longer riding belongings where to worry about, do not have to worry about riding on the belongings after the goods on the fear of loss, let you feel at ease driving enjoy the pleasure of driving.

9, the prince toward the source electric motorcycle matching the high performance hydraulic shock absorber motorcycle, especially rear seat mounted adjustable rear shock absorber, the driver can according to different load condition of pavement and adjusted to the best damping effect, make driving pleasure, without fear of bumpy road far away, deep relaxation and employment.

10, front brake system adopts high-end motorcycle rain travel anti slide out ABS antilock disc brake brake with hydraulic disc brakes, brake disc for disc brake disc is quincunx to heat effect is more ideal of abrasion resistance, greatly improving the service life of the brake, sensitive and stable, safe travel escort.

11, Prince collocation motorcycle handlebar and energy saving and energy saving of the bright and transparent LED headlamps and large rear taillights, nocturnal navigation - allows you to travel at night safer, then enjoy the experience of motorcycle dash, feeling more royal elegance.

12, Chao Yuan Prince electric motorcycle battery optional configuration for you to choose, the specific specifications are: 72V/50A (upgraded version), 72V/32A (Standard Version) optional configuration for you to choose according to their actual needs, so that you can bring satisfaction to bring home.

The prince is toward the source electric motorcycle electric car for a source in large capacity and high power development of urban and rural residents in China's high speed electric motorcycle, it is equipped with a high speed digital frequency conversion motor 72V32A large capacity battery and 2000W power, 2 battery kept driving time and has the characteristics of continued line mileage and fast speed (once fully charged mileage up to 260 miles per hour, up to 655Km/H), especially for rural and urban men riding, whether passenger or pull goods are very convenient, really is a flexible manipulation, high speed electric motorcycle riding comfort, is the town business people preferred.

Model number

The supreme Prince



technical parameter


technical parameter


Outer size (long * width *)

2000*710*1050 mm

One charge and driving mileage

400 KM

Before and after the center track

1440 mm

Rated speed

580 r/min

Vehicle weight

110 KG

Rated voltage


Climbing ability

30 degrees


72V 18 tube

Maximum speed

75 Km/h

Rated power


Maximum payload

200 KG

One charge consumption

Less than 1.5kw/h


Battery type

Maintenance free lead-acid battery

Capacity 72V



input voltage

AC 220V 50HZ

Undervoltage protection value


Charging time

About 6-8 hours

Overcurrent protection value

40 A