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Company profile

In March 2008 Wang Xiaocheng (Chairman) founded the "Shenzhen city Chaoyuan Hardware Plastic Co. Ltd., production and sales of the company mainly engaged in import and export of goods and technology, hardware plastic products, electric bicycle, and a" Dongguan City, Yan source Electric Co., Ltd., Yongzhou City, Hunan province and in Daoxian County to invest in the construction of industrial park the mainland production base.

Dongguan Chaoyuan Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. is a research and development, production, sale and service company. The company focuses on the development and production of male electric vehicles, logistics electric vehicle patrol electric vehicles, and has won a number of national patent certificates. In the source of sword ten years to create independent brand originality "towards the source" series of electric vehicles, the spirit of "dedicated, professional" artisan spirit for the user to create good practical, safe and comfortable products, adhering to the quality of survival, innovation and development of the spirit of enterprise for hundred years enterprise, national brand!

Management idea

Management: cultural edification and institutional constraints

The first step: the spirit of originality

Talent: an excellent and appropriate person

Service: service without service

Development: enterprising and endless innovation to win the future

Mission: to be a national enterprise to create a world brand