Corporate culture

Power comes from the cohesive identity of the enterprise culture.

The adherence to the culture is the lifeblood of the continuous development of the enterprise. The corporate values, business philosophy imperceptibly passed to the staff, so as to create a highly cohesive and loyalty of the staff team, each person is displayed by the enthusiasm and creativity, provide the impetus for the development of the enterprise Everfount.

1, enterprise spirit

[integrity and enterprising team innovation]

Integrity: commitment to commitment

Enterprising: diligent and enterprising.

Team: advocating communication and advocating mutual benefit to the outside.

Innovation: continuous learning, and constantly go beyond, learn widely from others'strong points to meet the challenges.

2. The purpose of the enterprise

Integrity and win-win, forge ahead.

3. The value concept and development strategy of the enterprise

The core competitiveness is the only source of enterprise development.

Striving for excellence, leading technology and good management, and constantly strive to exceed ourselves and pursue unlimited opportunities, we will take the lead in the competition and strive to achieve the ambitious goal of the Chinese electric vehicle industry.